Write Gooder

Thanks to all the squiggly lines that help us fix our grammar and spelling, our writing has technically improved over the years.

Unfortunately, grammar and spelling are just the nuts and bolts of writing. What about the content we’re creating? We can do better. 

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Making New New Year’s Resolutions

For many of us by now, all those New Year’s resolutions are buried under a pile of papers in the too hard basket.

It’s time to make a few new resolutions to replace those broken promises you made to yourself and get back on track with setting goals for your business 

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Response Or Overreaction?

Australian banks have taken a real hit lately and the Banking Commission has pointed out a raft of faults including an almost zealous encouragement to clients to borrow more. In the light of those criticisms, Australian banks have tightened up their lending criteria. One bank, at least, may have gone too far.

So, how does a business avoid overreacting when faced with the need for major changes? 

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Prioritising Your To-Do List

If you’re like most people, a ‘to-do’ list is critical to your productivity. It can be kept in many different ways.

Whether your way is electronic, on your calendar, in a diary or just notes on a sheet of paper, rearranging it correctly is the first step in setting the pace for the week. 

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Avoiding Disaster Street

Many everyday business decisions are relatively harmless affairs that require little research or sleepless nights. But sometimes even the obvious and even well used pathways can hide some nasty surprises.

This sorry and expensive saga about two neighbours’ use of a lane way provides real food for thought for any business owner who thinks they already have the necessary street cred. 

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