Improving Website Bounce Rate

For a small business, the website is a crucial, yet often underfunded piece of your business. You probably spend time looking at your (free) analytics tools thinking about how you could convert a few of those hits into sales.

There are a few things to think about before you overpay an expert to fix things for you. 

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NextGen Recruiting

The Millennials are here. And they’re not going anywhere for a very long time. Small businesses are losing out on some of the top talent simply because they aren’t embracing some of the newfangled technologies that are out there.

Here are some ways to get your business up to date so you are seen as ‘a great place to work at’. 

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New Year, New Quote

Why bother with another diet crazy that simply won’t work? Instead, here are a few motivational quotes that can help shape your business.

Try writing one of these down and living it for a few months. You might be pleasantly surprised at the way positive thinking can change the way you work. 

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The Cost of Doing Business the Old Fashioned Way

More and more frequently we hear about people wanting to remove technology from their business and return to the days of old. Technology is a threat, a hindrance, they argue. Businesses would be better off without it!

We wondered what it would take and how smaller businesses could succeed without it. Here is our rather tongue in cheek response. 

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Business Tips From Santa

For hundreds of years Santa Claus has managed a global operation that runs the largest one night charity event in the world. Whether it’s a profitable model or not, there are certainly a few things we can learn from jolly old St. Nick. 

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