The Hidden Cost Of Low Prices

Before you lower your price to be “competitive” you might want to wait a minute. Low prices can actually drive your customers away.

For many customers the lowest price can be seen as a cut rate for cut rate work. Experience tells us that rarely do you get the best work from the cheapest contractor, so you don’t want to be the cheapest show in town. 

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Embracing Change With Success

By nature, we don’t like change. We all know the first caveman had a real issue when it came time to move to a bigger cave for the kids, but even the simplest mind had to accept and embrace change so that we could get to where we are today.

There are a few ways we can learn to love change, rather than focusing on the negative. 

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Using Colour To Increase Conversions

There is a load of psychology behind colours. Different colours have different effects on the human mind. Red is often associated with passion or intense energy. Blue can be calming or comforting. Green makes us think about health and wellness.

Using the right colours can put your business in the right part of your customers’ minds. 

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What Does Bad PR And A Plastic Bag Have In Common?

One of our favourite characters has been in the news a lot lately: the humble plastic bag. The ban on supermarkets providing plastic bags has developed into a real saga.

But, depending on your position, this level of public interest is either an advertiser’s dream or a PR nightmare. So, how do you avoid turning your promotion campaign into a rubbish dump? 

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5 Tasks You Should Outsource

In some business circles, outsourcing is a curse word. The very idea of pushing the work outside of your own four walls can seem like a failure in some ways.

Rather than taking away from your business, smart outsourcing can help you grow your business. Here are a few menial tasks that you should consider outsourcing to free up time and resources, if you haven’t already. 

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