10 Ways To Boost Your Holiday Sales

The festive season has arrived and with it, the highest selling rates of the year. If you have had a good year, this could make it a great year. If you’ve had a rough year, these few short weeks could redeem your business.

Here are some ways to spread some Christmas cheer while bringing in some cash. 

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Marketing Basics: SWOT Analysis

If you don’t have a degree in marketing, you’ve probably heard about a SWOT analysis and just played along as if you studied such nonsense in your coursework.

The odd thing is that most people have done a SWOT analysis because it’s such a common sense thing to do, you just didn’t have a fancy name for it before. 

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Tis The Season To Give Back

It is the time for giving. So this holiday season why not ask yourself how you could give back to the community that supports your small business. It's a great time to recognise their loyalty by giving back.

Charity is an overlooked, underrated way for small business owners to boost their awareness in the community while positively affecting the lives of others. 

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Do You Have The Right Attitude For Success?

Australian aerial skiers, Laura Peel and David Morris are aiming for medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Their preparation includes quite a few ups and downs and some pretty hard landings but the real key to their success lies in the attitude and background preparation.

Do you have the right attitude for business success? Have you done the right preparation or is your business run on a wing and a prayer? 

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5 Henry Ford Quotes To Live By

Besides inventing the assembly line, Henry Ford was a great business man. He built a brand that continues to reinvent itself when necessary. Those values are instilled in the brand because of the way he chose to build the company itself.

Here are a few of his pearls of wisdom that can help you live a better life and run a better business. 

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