How to Build Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand
Building a business brand is necessary as you develop and grow your business, but have you considered your own personal brand?

It is a must in the digital world, making it imperative to ask these questions: 

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What Makes Your Business A Great Place to Work?

Great Workplace
As with every other aspect of small business management, you want your business to be the best it can be in your field.

Is your business currently a great place to work? 

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The Guide to Selling Online

Selling Online
Website built? Check. Social Media campaigns launched? Check. Marketing online? Check. So now what?

Perhaps it’s time to take the next step, and begin selling online! 

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3 Tips to Improving "Your Work/Life" Balance

Work Life Balance
It sounds clear and actually quite simple - balancing work life and personal life should be something everyone is capable of doing, right?

In reality, the work-life balance is an intense and personal process, one that each business owner must define in their own life. 

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Groupon Globalisation - Helping Or Hurting Small Business?

With hyper-connectivity on the rise, the purchasing power of consumers is increasing swiftly.

Our ability to discern on a deeper level is assisted by the same global connectivity that seemingly threatens small brick and mortar businesses. 

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