Technology Can Never Replace The Personal Touch

There is no doubt that modern technology is a wonderful innovation. But despite modern technology allowing us to hold video teleconferences with business associates and customers, the fact remains that we develop better relationships by maintaining the personal touch.

When everything we do is digital, we lose “the sensory experience” that helps us communicate with one another. 

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Constant Cashflow

One of the biggest problems facing every small business is cashflow. There seem to be months where things are working like a well-oiled machine. Then you have those months where it seems every client cuts back at the same time, you have 3 lost shipments, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Before you run into those hurdles again, take some steps to ensure that you have more consistent cashflow. 

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Recruiting In The Modern Era

Recruiting millennials can be a challenge. Some of the old methods that proved to be so successful can seem stale and out-dated to the young workforce.

Having a solid recruitment strategy comes down to a few key areas that need to be addressed. 

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Customer Complaints: Seeing The Silver Lining

Doing business puts you in the inevitable position of making a mess of things. You can get away with some minor mix ups. But eventually something is going to go awry and you’re going to be called to account.

Keep in mind that these complaints and feedback make a difference for the whole of your business. 

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Boosting Your Bottom Line With Brand Consistency

Having a consistent representation of your products and services is important for any business. Many small businesses overlook the long term importance of brand building.

Building a brand gives you a steady stream of customers and makes you more likely to recruit and retain new customers. Brand consistency comes down to a few faithful principles. 

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