How Hot Is Your Business Thermostat?

Australian researchers are fine tuning skin patches that can safely and effectively harness the body’s warmth and transform it into usable electricity for powering small electrical devices, like smart watches and fitness trackers.

Just imagine if you could harness the energy you give out to power a transformation in your business? 

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7 Crimes On Marketing

At some point, you make a bad call. You probably overpaid for an ad. Maybe you tried to shift things around in the storefront only to revert to the previous layout a week later.

Everyone has been there. Here are a few colossal marketing failures. 

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Reducing Costs To Boost Profits

One of the big secrets of multinationals is their continual desire to become the lowest cost producer in their field. These low costs feed straight through to their bottom line and is a technique that can also be used by small businesses.

A lower cost producer is also better placed to be more competitively priced or “price differentiated” in the market place. 

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Small Gestures - Big Results

Sometimes it’s the little things that transform people’s lives. Remember the saying; what goes around comes around.

In your quest for the bigger profit/loss picture are you missing the things that really matter? 

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7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Leaders

Everyone has had a horrible boss. There are times that you might feel like one of those hated bosses. Here is a list of 7 habits that all ineffective leaders share to make sure you’re avoiding them. 

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