Creating Devoted Customers

Developing a great customer base is vital for any small business and having loyal customers is an essential component. Here are a few basics, which you can control, to hold your business on a solid foundation of repeat business. 

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Banking On Success - A Right Royal Shakeup

Many people have suspected for years (centuries actually) that the banks and money lending institutions take their love of money too far. But positive change may be in the wings with the government planning to require the presence of an integrity officer in Australian banks.

This is timely but what can we learn as small business owners from this tale of lust? 

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Customers That Aren’t Worth The Hassle

“The customer is always right”. With some customers nothing could be further from the truth and the reality is that some customers just aren’t worth the hassle.

Here are a few types of customers to avoid, even if it means a little pressure on your sales team. 

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The Hidden Cost Of Low Prices

Before you lower your price to be “competitive” you might want to wait a minute. Low prices can actually drive your customers away.

For many customers the lowest price can be seen as a cut rate for cut rate work. Experience tells us that rarely do you get the best work from the cheapest contractor, so you don’t want to be the cheapest show in town. 

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Embracing Change With Success

By nature, we don’t like change. We all know the first caveman had a real issue when it came time to move to a bigger cave for the kids, but even the simplest mind had to accept and embrace change so that we could get to where we are today.

There are a few ways we can learn to love change, rather than focusing on the negative. 

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